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Bencivenni Fabio

Born in Pavia in 1972, I have been painting mainly abstract subjects since 2016 using different techniques. My approach to painting was casual and, as a self-taught artist, I experiment with different techniques, preferring acrylic colours (also spray) and enamels, distributed on cardboard, wood, canvas or other materials, using brushes, palette knives or rollers. In abstract painting, I find the freedom to express reality by first subjecting it to an internal and personal vision.

Bencivenni 134.jpg

The art for me

I believe that at the basis of every artistic expression there is a restlessness, a malaise, a more or less subtle dissatisfaction that pushes from within to come out. Painting is a lament, a cry that you don't want to make legible or even share. You just want to get rid of it, making it tangible. And you do it more for yourself than to appear. The paintings are there to remind us that that pain exists, that it is present and that it is pressing for us to take care of it. Then there are the people who buy art. And theirs is a different pain. (Fabio Bencivenni)

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